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April 25, 2013


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Hello , you are awsome writer, i love your site
Bet on mma

Thank you so much for your lovely comments

Congratulations!! Love your blog and now this beautiful fabric!

Aha -- that red flower print that I love is a Zinnia! No WONDER I love it! I used to grow those from seeds with my mother when I was a little girl. I love those flowers.

Now, if I got to have famous people to dinner, I'd invite Martha Stewart AND Hillary Clinton. To the same dinner. Because I think both of those women have so much in common deep down where it counts, growing up in an era when little girls' dreams and opportunities were restricted, rebelling against that and blazing new trails for themselves even as they inspired the girls who came after them. Hillary by REJECTING traditional women's roles: "Do they expect me to just stay home and bake cookies?" and Martha by embracing and excelling in traditional women's domestic arts and catapulting that into a wildly successful career, magazine, product lines, etc. And the other thing Hillary and Martha have in common is how much the general public despises them for their success, for being too cutthroat and competitive (masculine) instead of self-deprecating "nice girls" (like the Cathy Guisewite comics where the main character sits around eating chocolate, feeling bad about her weight, and wishing a boyfriend would come along to sweep her off her feet). If I ever get to host that dinner party, you can come, too, Allison. I'll be sure to serve plenty of wine. ;-)

Your fabrics are beautiful and I loved learning more about you!


Very pretty fabric. Can't wait to see it In person!

Love it! Can't wait to buy some!

Allison is darling, as is her family. She has some great talent!

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